Rail Rocker by Expat Explore

Rail Rocker Guided Rail Tours

Explore Europe and beyond with Rail Rocker on our exciting guided rail tours! Train travel offers a unique way to discover bucket list destinations and experience Europe’s travel must-sees as you go.

Hop aboard and enjoy the comfort, convenience and excitement of train tours. Not only do you get to explore the destination, you’ll have a memorable journey, too!

Rail Rocker is brought to you by the team behind Expat Explore which means you can look forward to the rail tour of a lifetime!
Are you ready to rock the rails? Let’s go! Take a look at tour itineraries, prices and departure dates below:

Enjoy the Journey While You Discover New Destinations

Experience the best of European travel as you set off on an array of unforgettable rail journeys!

Rail Rocker brings you a variety of unmissable rail tour options; from the Swiss Alps all the way to the Scottish Highlands! Live “La Dolce Vita” on a 9-day rail tour of Italy, from Rome to Milan. Experience an Eastern European adventure on an 11-day train journey from Amsterdam to Budapest. Why not embark on the Rome to Amsterdam Rail Explorer and travel through the heart of Europe, making stops in Venice, Paris, Brussels, Switzerland and more over 2 weeks? We have the itineraries sorted, now it’s up to you to choose where to go!

Secure your spot on our guided train tours with a 10% deposit! Book and enjoy our quality tour promise, 30-day money-back guarantee* and flexible date changes.

Rail Rocker: Dream Train Vacations

Experience the world in a whole new way with Rail Rocker! Embark on unique adventures, embrace the exclusivity of train travel, admire beautiful scenery and enjoy the vibrant group culture that Expat Explore tours are known for – all from a new perspective!

“Guided train trips allow us to get creative and discover new routes! The Rail Rocker team is thrilled to continue Expat Explore’s founding principles of Value for Money and Travel Made Possible through these great rail journeys.”

Travel Comfortably

As you are taken from one destination to the next, why not walk around and explore the train? Or simply sit back, enjoy the views and relax with some extra legroom.

More Time to Explore

Enjoy more time to explore, discover new destinations and tick off your bucket-list sights. Trains travel at a greater speed and only stop where necessary, giving you more time to do what you love!

Guided Rail Travel

No need to worry about planning, timing or language barriers! Our knowledgeable tour guides will help make your train trips hassle-free!

Travel Year-Round

From snow-covered mountains to autumn landscapes and sunny skies, rail tours allow you to travel during any season!

Meet People from Around the World

Rail tours are ideal for travellers of all ages, whether travelling solo or with family or friends. With group travel, you will meet like-minded adventurers from around the world and make memories of a lifetime together.

Embrace New Perspectives

Your train journey is as much a part of your tour as the destinations themselves! Train travel will take you through a country, instead of around it, revealing countless incredible sights.

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